Kioxia speeds and slims its 3D UFS flash memories

Aimed at mobile applications, its ‘universal flash storage’ (UFS) version 3.1  devices “improve performance by 30% for random read and 40% for random write, making them faster than their predecessors,” according to the company, which added that, at 0.8mm, the new 256Gbyte parts are thinner than their predecessors.

“Consequent review and further development of Kioxia’s BiCS 3D flash memory technology provides a new product range of random read and write speed in thinnest packaging formats,” said company v-p of memory Axel Stoermann.

Ramdom read performance is improved by the company’s ‘host performance booster’ (HPB), now at version 2.0, which uses the host side memory to store logical to physical translation tables. “While HPB Ver. 1.0 only enables 4kbyte chunk size access, HPB Ver. 2.0 enables wider access,” according to Kioxia.

Universal flash storage is a product category for a class of embedded memory products built to the JEDEC UFS specification.